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What is Cookies?

The term “cookie” refers to a small data file consisting exclusively of a set of textual information that the site transfers to the web browser on your computer’s hard drive, or temporarily throughout your visit. , or sometimes for longer periods, depending on the type of cookie. Cookies perform various functions (for example, distinguishing you from other visitors to the same website or remembering certain things about you, such as your preferences) and are used by most websites to improve your user experience.
Each cookie is unique to your browser and contains some anonymous information. A cookie usually contains the name of the field from which the cookie came, the “lifetime” of the cookie as well as a value (usually in the form of a randomly generated unique number).

Types of Cookies

The basic types of cookies that websites may use are described below

Visit cookies (session cookies)

These are temporary cookies that remain in the cookie file of your device browser only during your visit and are deleted when you close the browser.

Persistent cookies

These remain in your device’s browser cookies even after the browser is closed, sometimes for a year or more (the exact length of stay depends on the lifespan of each cookie). Permanent cookies are used when the webmaster may need to know who you are for more than one visit (eg to remember your username or web site customization preferences).

First part cookies

These are cookies that are installed in the browser and / or on the hard drive of your device by the website you are visiting. This includes assigning a unique identifier to you in order to track your site navigation. Webmasters often use first-party cookies to manage visits and for identification purposes.


Third-party cookies

These are cookies used by third parties, such as e.g. social networks, to track your visits to the various sites on which they are advertised. The webmaster has no control over these third party cookies.


Cookies on this website and how to manage them

On this website, we use cookies to improve the experience of the use of the website by its visitors. The operation of the website will be significantly affected if you disable or do not accept the use of cookies.
The following is information about the third party cookies we use on this website, including how they are disabled and the effect of the deactivation on the operation of the website. If you would like more information on how to manage certain types of cookies, including how to check or delete them, please visit:

Google Analytics cookies

Google Analytics cookies are performance analysis / logging cookies that allow us to collect anonymous information about how visitors use our website. These cookies can inform us about how many visitors use the website, the time and duration of access, while also providing information on how to navigate visitors to different parts of the website. This information helps us to improve the way our website works. They are anonymous information and do not contain personal data.
The information collected by Google Analytics cookies about our website is transferred and stored on Google servers in accordance with Google’s privacy policy.
For more information about Google Analytics, please click
You can turn off tracking from Google Analytics by clicking
If you disable these cookies, your use of the website will not be counted, nor will it be used in the statistics we collect to improve the services we provide through the website. The operation of the site will not be affected.

Google Ads Cookies

We use cookies to make our ads more attractive to users and more useful to publishers and advertisers. Some common uses of cookies are to select the ad based on the relevant content for a user, to improve the reporting performance of a campaign, and to avoid displaying ads that have already been displayed to a user.
Google uses cookies, such as the NID and SID cookies, to help personalize ads on Google products such as Google Search. For example, we use cookies like this to remind you of the most recent searches, past ad interactions or search results of an advertiser, and your visits to an advertiser’s website. This helps Google display personalized ads.
We also use one or more cookies for ads that run across the web. One of the main advertising cookies we use on non-Google websites is called “IDE” and is stored in browsers in the domain. Another is stored on and is called ANID. We use other cookies with names like DSID, FLC, AID, TAID and exchange_uid. Other Google products, such as YouTube, may also use these cookies to display more relevant ads.
Sometimes ad cookies can be set in the domain of the website you are visiting. In the case of web-based ads, cookies (eg __gads or __gac cookies) may be set in the domain of the website you are visiting. Unlike cookies set on Google domains, these cookies may not be read by Google when you are on a website other than the one to which they are assigned. They are used for purposes such as measuring the interactions with ads in that area and preventing the same ads from appearing too many times.
Google also uses conversion cookies (eg __gcl cookies), which are primarily intended to help advertisers track how many times users who clicked on their ads ended up taking action on their site ( eg made a purchase). These cookies allow Google and the advertiser to find out that you clicked on the ad and visited the advertiser’s website later. Conversion cookies are not used by Google for personalized ad targeting and are only retained for a limited time. Some other cookies may also be used to calculate conversion events. For example, cookies from Google Marketing Platform and Google Analytics may also be used for this purpose.
We also use the “AID” and “TAID” cookies, which are used to link your activity between different devices, if you have previously signed in to your Google Account on another device. We do this to coordinate the ads that appear on different devices and to calculate conversion events. These cookies can be configured on, or If you do not want the ads you see to be tuned to your devices, you can opt out of Ad Personalization by using Ad Settings.

Cookies from video service providers (Google, Vimeo, DailyMotion etc.)

These providers can place cookies on your device, if you watch on our website videos that provide us as an external service.

If you turn off these cookies, you may not be able to see the embedded videos from our site.

Cookies from social networks

Third party social networks can place cookies on your device if you choose to share material from our site with them by clicking on one of the built-in buttons entitled “Share”.

If you disable these cookies, the “Share” function will not be available.

About the server of this site

All web traffic (file transfer) between this site and your browser is encrypted and transferred via HTTPS using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).

Our third party data processors

We use a number of third parties to process personal data about us. These bodies have been carefully selected to comply with the legislation referred to in this text.


Data breaches

For all your personal information stored in our database, all necessary measures will be taken to ensure it.
We will report any unlawful breach of this website or any third party data processing database to anyone directly concerned as well as to the authorities within 72 hours of the breach, provided that the personal data that is stored in a recognizable form, have been stolen.


Date of last modification: 27/05/2021

We use cookies to offer you the best experience on the internet. By agreeing to accept the use of cookies in accordance with the cookie policy.

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